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Daniel Miller, Kung Fu Master

About China Town Martial Arts Academy in Midland, TX

Meet Daniel Miller

Owner and Chief Instructor at
China Town Martial Arts Academy in Midland
3rd Degree Black Belt

Daniel Miller is the Owner/Head Instructor here at China Town Martial Arts Academy, located in Midland, Texas. Daniel started studying Chinese Kung Fu at age 14 under Tommy Lau. At age 17 he attended his first Mike Crane Kung Fu Camp in Tennessee and was introduced to Grandmaster Daniel Pai, a combination of Northern Shaolin and Hung gar Kung Fu. Daniel Miller continued his studies under Grandmaster Pai until 1993 when he passed away. During this time he tested for his 3rd Degree Black Belt Belt in Pai Lum Kung Fu. Daniel Miller continued his studies under several other masters from here in the states, Grandmaster Huang Chin Liang and Grandmaster Will Lin in Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu and Mainland China Master Yan Dequan training in Chang Chuan and Nan Chuan. Other styles Daniel has trained under are 7 Star Praying Mantis, White Crane and Monkey styles and Internal styles of Yang Tai Chi, Hsing I, Pa Kua.

Daniel Miller was a member of the Executive Board of the Chinese Kuoshu Federation USA, Referee General USCKF, and International Referee ICKF up until the early 2000s. Now he focuses his efforts to the growth and development of his students.

China Town Martial Arts Academy in Midland, TX is a family focus martial arts school that teaches Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. We help students grow and develop as a person physically, mentally and help them learn to control their emotions and actions. We provide many activities for students and family members besides the traditional training of the Chinese martial arts such as, movies nights and medical science fairs where students explore and learn about how the body works and how it relates to their training and exercise.

Here at China Town Martial Arts, adults have a choice of Kickboxing classes or the Traditional study of Chinese Kung Fu. Kickboxing classes combine kick, punches, bobbing moving of real boxers and martial artist without the fear of stepping into the ring. It is a great cardio workout, burning fat and toning muscle. For those adults that wish to get more involved in the theory and application of martial arts we offer classes in Shaolin Kung Fu and ancient art of self-defense that has been proven to increase balance, knowledge, courage, discipline, respect and self-esteem. A beautiful art of effective self-defense moves hidden in big circular movements.

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